Frequently Asked Questions

{Frequently Asked Questions}

1When will I see my logo concepts?
You will receive these via email within 3 working days of the deposit being paid. We won’t expect you to pay extra for this speedy service, it’s just what we do.
2What happens during the revision process?
When we send you your logo design concepts we’ll ask you for feedback to improve the designs. Keep in mind that we need you to provide constructive, informative feedback. Typically this will be to adjust the colours, font or layout. You may request significant changes in the first and second cycles, and by the third revision request, your request should be modifications of the current design only.
3Do I have ownership of my design?
Absolutely, we hold no part of the final design and you will have full ownership of the copyright. We may like to display it on our site as part of our portfolio of past work for a period of time, however if you do not want this to happen we will respect your wishes.
4Is your work guaranteed?
You bet. We’re confident that our design team can produce a logo that you love. But if for any reason you’re not satisfied with your initial concepts, let us know so we can make it right through the revision process. If at the end of the revision process you are still not satisfied, we will provide you with a refund.
5When do I pay for my designs?
Once you complete the brief we will issue an invoice for 50% deposit on the work, which can be paid via credit card or internet banking. Once the final design is approved by you, we will invoice the remaining 50%. As soon as this is paid we will supply you with the full set of design files for your project.
6How can I pay?
We accept Visa, Mastercard and Paypal (all processed securely). Credit cards are processed through Paypal, but you do not need a Paypal account to use this service. You can also pay directly into our bank account using internet banking or popping into your local ASB bank.
7How can I use the logo?
We'll send you the various files in a zip file. Any signwriter, printing company or other service provider will be able to use these files. You'll be able to use the JPEG and PNG files immediately, and if you have image editing software you'll also be able to use the vector files.
8What file formats will my logo be supplied in?
We will provide you with a range of formats so that the logo is fit for any purpose. This will include bitmap formats JPEG and PNG for use on websites and in Word documents, Powerpoint documents etc. You'll also receive the logo in vector format so that it can be edited in commonly used graphic design software. We really want to make sure that you have the logo in all the formats you need. We would be happy to provide you in any other specific format you need the logo in.
9What is the difference between vector and bitmap artwork?
Vector artwork is scalable to any size required with no loss of quality. Bitmap artwork can not be scaled up without loss of quality.
10Will I be able to edit the logo myself?
Your artwork will be designed in Adobe Illustrator or Adobe Photoshop software, and you will be supplied vector and bitmap files. There are many different software packages that you can use to edit these files (apart from the two already mentioned), with some being available for free or little cost.
11Do printing prices include GST and delivery?
All our prices are inclusive of GST and we do include free delivery of any printed material NZ wide.
12Do I have to get you guys to do the printing?
Not at all. We hope that you do, but we won’t hold you to ransom over it. We can send the industry-standard print files to you so you can get them printed anywhere.
13What type of paper/card do you print on?
We only use a high quality 350gsm stock for our business cards. It's thick, strong and rigid.

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